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  • Estafan
  • Boris
  • Janice
  • Fernandez

Most people might see Estafan as a brutal, single minded killing machine with little empathy for his fellow man. In fact these perceived “qualities” is what gets him hired most of the time. But what Estafan lacks in conventional human relations is somewhat compensated for in his love and dedication for Betty, his M61 Vulcan six-barreled, air-cooled, electrically fired gatling cannon.

When Estefan first met Betty, she “only” fired around 100 rounds a second, but after many years of tweaking and loving care, Betty has passed this initial limit long ago and Estafan still find new ways of making Betty a fearsome, yet impressive lady to be reckoned with in a crowded company.

Boris was always the quite boy when he went to school as a kid. Fascinated by mathematics and physics a carrier in natural science seem like the obvious choice for Boris. At some point though he seem to narrow in his interest in trajectory calculations and the field in chemistry that focused on flammable and explosive substances.

Although Boris still don’t talk much, he is by no means a quite boy anymore. While must of his colleges in his business laughs a little the first time they meet Boris and his L9A1 51 mm mortar, there is no one making a peep after they have witness what Boris can do with a well aimed handcrafted mortar shell.

Choosing a carrier as sniper in the military had always seemed like a good choice for Janice. Since her farther tough her to hunt when she was young, she had learned to appreciated and excel in the art of waiting quietly and striking with deadly precision from afar. Being a sniper, don’t get you much love from the grunts thought, so Janice soon looked for work in business where colleges where optional and the pay was better.

Janice has fired most handguns available, but has now settled on the a recoil-operated, semi-automatic M107 anti-materiel rifle. Must work with this rifle don’t involve “people skills” and Janice has learned to appreciated the resulting fireworks after her armor-piercing, explosive, and incendiary projectiles has left the barrel.

Unlike must people in his profession Fernandez loves to talk; so much that must of his friends wished they knew how to shut him up must of the time. Its not that his provoking or evil spired, as Fernandez, his profession aside, come of as a quit likable guy. The main reason people wants Fernandez to shut up, is when they heard one of his jokes for the fifth time that day.

When Fernandez is not jabbering away he is a fearful sight on any battleground with his RPG-7V2 firing high explosive anti-tank rounds. As he likes to tell anyone that cares to listen: It might not be the fastest gun, but it makes the biggest boom.

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